Beinvgnû su Wikipedia!Modifica

Beinvgnû su Wikipedia, l'enziclopedìa lébbra ech tótt i pólen cambièr! -- Dragonòt 06:26, 11 Mâz 2010 (UTC)

EhEhm... Are you sure...?Modifica

I'm writing to advise you that there may be a misunderstanding about the meaning of the new name you assigned to ex user Nescafe now renamed as user Nicolas Le Gland. Try to understand the offensive meaning of the French words "le gland" in a good French dictionary, sorry, --Glo (discussioni) 20:43, 14 Zógn 2018 (UTC)

Hey, thanks for letting me know for the hidden meaning of the username. I don't think this is violation of en:WP:DISRUPTNAME but if the user gets blocked in French Wikipedia, they should feel free to request for new name again. Let's see Ladsgroup (discussioni) 21:00, 14 Zógn 2018 (UTC)