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Hello everyone! I am ReyBrujo. As you may have noticed, I am mostly active at the English Wikipedia, as User:ReyBrujo, where I am an administrator. There, we used to have a page in the Wikipedia namespace listing the articles with the most external links. We found this list very useful, as it allowed us to locate pages that had too many external links, usually stealthy added. I started generating these listings from the database dumps, and decided to expand my efforts through all Wikipedias. Even though some Wikipedias are small in comparison, I prefer not skipping a single one, as you never know what you may find there.

From time to time I find a Wikipedia that has a big backlog of articles to be deleted, and no active administrator (sometimes, not even a single administrator!) to handle it. When that happens, I request sysop status at Wikimedia Meta in order to clear them myself. So far, I have been named temporary administrator (in some cases the access already expired) at Oriya, Norfolk, Burmese, Muskogee, Aymara, Buryat, Manx and Interlingue Wikipedias. In these cases, I create a Protected titles page, similar to, to prevent recreation of spam.

I also generate a list of the most linked sites in the Wikipedia. This allows me to find some sneaky spam faster. In example, I caught a user who likes to add an external link to stub templates, making the link appear in every page that is a stub. Examples are fo, ilo and oc twice.

You can find the full list of finished analysis at User:ReyBrujo/Dump statistics, where I leave some notes with tasks people can do.